Useful links  The Sherman Theatre put on a competition fairly regularly called “ScriptSlam”, where new writers enter 10 minute plays that are performed script in hand by professional actors and then feedback is given on each piece by industry professionals.

I entered this competition twice in 2010 (including a ten minute play called TRAFFIC… More on that later!) and it was a great experience and a fantastic place to network. Plus the winner (as determined by an audience vote) is developed into a full length piece in collaboration with the Sherman. An actors training company run by Jamie Lee, who commissioned me to develop TRAFFIC into a full length piece which was then performed by Actorsworkshop in May 2011. Great bunch of guys doing great work for actors in Cardiff. The Broadway Theatre in Barking run a competition called “Script This” which I entered a piece into in 2011. Slightly different to Scriptslam in that the audience offer feedback, and it’s a bit more informal. Again a brilliant event with good networking opportunities. Every so often I go onto this site and find at least a small handful of opportunities to submit scripts. Always worth doing. I had the great privilege of going to a workshop run by BBC Writersroom and Ideastap in December 2014. They’re really passionate about equipping creatives, and there are almost always opportunities to apply for on their website.


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