The unsung

Hi all,

So I was looking through my blog the other day.

And to my embarrassment I realised that I mentioned a lot of projects that were



Going To Happen.

Then they didn’t.

And this is actually an alarmingly big part of life as a writer that I’m only just experiencing. You hear all these horror stories about “development hell” and projects that go right to the very cusp, to the very edge of becoming an actual thing that people will actually see…

And then they don’t.

And that’s a part of the world of being a writer and I’m coming to terms with that.

However I am choosing to counteract this culture a little by going back through my blog and accounting for every single project I mentioned that never happened.

Here goes;

Suburban Horror 2

Committed readers will remember the first Suburban Horror, a live horror event consisting of horror stories I wrote being performed by different actors in a poorly lit house. We could have sold it out many times over which I can say without any pride as it’s a testimony to how hungry people were for the concept rather than my writing, I’m not that well known yet I don’t think!

And off the back of that we were very excited about the prospect of Suburban Horror 2.

However I was slightly busy producing a panto from September to December, so a halloween horror show was, sadly, out.

However Suburban Horror and the stories I was planning to write for it are appearing almost note for note in the upcoming PNG production of my horror play INVOCATION, which will be happening at Halloween this year. So this one’s kind of come full circle!


This was a short film I wrote for a visual effects designer friend of mine named Jay Murray. This was originally planned to be a trilogy of short films, but unfortunately the first film was never finished due to Jay moving away to London to pursue visual effects there.

This, honestly, is a wonderful reason for a project not taking off. Because Jay is such a talented guy, I’d much rather he jumped straight into the industry rather than making something independent. And perhaps one day the trilogy will reappear. As with Suburban Horror these things tend to unexpectedly re-emerge in different forms.

Pass Me By

This was a Superhero Romantic Comedy I wrote, that we even got to the point of casting and starting pre-production on before we had to close it off. This is a project that just lost momentum, and sometimes it’s far better to let a project slip away rather than clamour for it to keep going, pushing it forwards beyond the point where you even want to continue working on it.

It’s still a script I love that has a lot of mileage, I’d just prefer to work on it when everyone involved, including myself, can get excited about it more than other projects!

Slower, less horrendously fast version of “Awkward Werewolf”

Yeahhhh… A long time ago I put up a video of a monologue I performed at Word4word which is one of my personal favourites; Awkward Werewolf. It’s about a socially awkward man who is also a werewolf, but sadly his werewolf persona proves to be just as awkward rather than the freeing, animalistic escape it’s most often portrayed as. So much fun.

Which brings me neatly onto my youtube channel. The videos are fairly low quality visually, and I’m thinking of taking the entire channel down and starting from scratch again, generate something that’s less of an afterthought, but something I can be as proud of as this blog, which I actual write in and add content to, unlike my poor, neglected youtube channel!

The Super Awesome Writer’s Collective

Many moons ago, not long before I got married, my friends Nick Clarke, Stu Boland and I revisited The Super Awesome Writer’s Collective.

We attacked a story relay together, writing a page each, and we started to put together something really quite special.

But unfortunately, for all of us, life has developed in such a way that we weren’t able to make it a priority.

Now I’m not going to be so dramatic as to say the Collective is dead.

Let’s say on hiatus.

Because I firmly believe writing happens in community, not as part of a vacuum.

Easter Video Diaries

Those who remember my Christmas Video Diaries will remember the promise of something similar for Easter.

Well they ended up taking a very different form. Some may remember that for Easter last year I wrote a half hour play performed at City Temple Church entitled “An Easter Tragedy”, and like Suburban Horror 2 the content for the Easter Video Diaries found their way into that performance, and it turned out magnificently!


Seriously. My friend James Morris and I had a three series plan for this one.

Again this is another project that simply lost momentum. It’s entirely possible we’ll blow the dust from it again, but James now works for a company that carries out workshops in schools relating to film and television production, so we’re both busy with very worthwhile things!

I realise this may not have been the most interesting post.

And it’s definitely me using my blog to procrastinate from the work I’m actually supposed to be doing.

But this has been really therapeutic.

It’s really refreshing to know that none of these projects stalled for any overwhelmingly negative reasons.

And that I didn’t just lose interest and flit onto the next thing.

And actually, the whole “this week you could be working on a Superhero Romantic Comedy, next week you could be working on a Sitcom” thing actually makes being a writer utterly terrifying.

But utterly exciting.


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