Feelings Driven Fiction

So the Jurassic World trailer came out today;

I’m so excited about this. Jurassic Park is the first film I can remember my family and I going to see more than once at the cinema.

And my parents are almost always the “see a film once then only on DVD” kind of people.

To this day, the special effects still stand up. Think about that. This film was released twenty one years ago. And it still looks great.

And the layers. The layers!

Seriously, go back and watch it again, and pay especially close attention to that jolly white guy with a beard, John Hammond.

I thought he was so lovely as a character when I was a kid. And he mostly is.

But his desire for the park to be a success overwhelming all other desires, his temper outbursts, his throwing his grandchildren into an unfinished dinosaur park. He’s *really* sinister. And he’s just one of the characters whose journey is absolutely fascinating in the film. The script, the dialogue, the pace of the story, the hurtling-out-of-control-ness.

Very few films have gotten it right since.

And watching this trailer reminded me;

I want to write a monster script.

Which got me thinking about feelings driven writing.

I’ve also been rewatching Broadchurch recently.

I am utterly paralysed with excitement about series 2;

And I’m allowing that excitement to draw me back to “LAKE”, my detective drama I’ve been working on.

And I think there’s a lot to be said about allowing your feelings to draw you into projects.

There are other projects I’ve got in the pipeline that I *could* be working on.

But I’m not getting paid for those yet and I’m in the beautiful place where, for the most part, I get to choose what I’m giving my writing time to.

And if you’re a writer like me, at the very beginning of your career.

Use this time.

Don’t mope around complaining about people not making your stuff.

Write whatever the hell you want.

Because when you’re getting paid money for this, actual money? It’ll become a lot more difficult to sit down and write that gritty thriller about a killer robot set in the antarctic, or the tenderly told love story about a man and his toaster, or that period drama with aliens.

Write your passion projects now. You’ll thank yourself for it.

So what else is going on…


On December 6th, at 2:30 and 6:30, the pantomime I’ve written for City Temple church in Cardiff is on.

Writing this panto has been such fun, and directing it has been a rare chance to learn and exercise a new skill! I’ve never put on a production this big before from scratch, but so many people have risen out of the woodwork to help, for which I am so incredibly grateful and I’m sure it’s going to be a big success.

The script is still making me laugh in rehearsals. And it’s next week. It’s been so much fun!

Special mention must go to my producer/wife Katy, who has never produced anything like this either but she’s just risen to it. The phrase “That’s my girl…” has flitted through my mind and been spoken out of my mouth so many times I’m running out of ways to say it.


I’m also very pleased to announce that I’m working on something new for PNG (Playgoers New Generation) in Newport!

I’m returning to my horror roots and writing a horror anthology play entitled “INVOCATION”. It’s been great to write something purely horror and something for the theatre again! It’s going into rehearsals at the start of 2015, and I’m hopeful it’ll be scaresome.

Regular readers will realise that this is the fourth project I’ve written for PNG (“In the Spirit of Things”, “Around the World in 80 Days”, “Four” being the previous ones) and I still just love working with these guys.

Now… There haven’t been any films about giant wombats yet, have there…?


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